Letting Go

We knew this would be a hard journey, we have heard from others who have stepped into it.  This journey seems to have ended today, and the way it ended seems most disappointing, it seems to be an ending caused by human error.

So we are reeling a bit, we have tried to see if there is anything else we can do or that should be done, but the bottom line seems to be that this baby is not meant to be our baby.  We are ok with that.  We are sad, incredibly sad for Darla, sad for the baby, who will be heading into foster care, and sad for us.

But we are centered, we are together, and we are believers in a bigger plan.


5 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. Liza and Andrew,

    Praise God that He is above human error. We will trust in His all sufficient Grace and Sovereignty in the midst of the crisis and confusion. You have been steadfast. May God’s grace in its fullness rest upon Darla and Baby and you both. My heart goes out to all— With love, Lisa.


  2. So sorry for the way this turned out. There is a baby out there for you- I just know it. We are so sad for you and cannot wait for your turn!!


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