National Adoption Day

National Adoption Day is Friday, November 20.

It is also the day that the Sharpteam is planning on bringing home a baby boy.

We met little happy, hefty, baby last Friday, and the plan is to bring him home as our Foster Child while we walk through the next months as pre-adoptive parents (no adoption is official on day one).

He is almost five months old, has been living with a foster mom in Dorchester.  We will be meeting her and picking him up on Friday morning.  And then we will be entering the great unknown (that so many of our friends and family have walked through).

So we are soliciting advice.

Please, let us know what we should be doing – we are figuring out what a five month old does, eats, likes, dislikes . . . and we need to name him.

If you would like to see our first couple of pics from last week’s meeting, we are publishing those privately, let us know and we will send you a password so  you can see the private posts on here (as a foster child we cannot post here).

So appreciating our friends and family.  We will keep all updated here.

Liza & Andrew


14 thoughts on “National Adoption Day

  1. Wow, Liza!!! WOW!!! How exciting, how terrifying, how overwhelming and wonderful! I will continue to pray for you through this transition! Feel free to give me a call if you want to talk about all your questions about a five month old!

    Here is a short list of what you will need:
    – diapers – find out what size he takes
    – wipes
    – formula and bottles – he probably has not started solids, but it’s possible that they started him early. Try to get the same kind of nipple that he is used to
    – clothes, and lots of bibs! If you don’t need them for drool now you will need them for messy eating soon enough!
    – toys he can chew, shake, squeeze, and roll back and forth over; picture books
    – a safe place for him to sleep; warm sleepwear
    – an exersaucer comes in really handy, and maybe a jolly jumper
    – he may use a soother but you will want to get the kind he is used to
    – a stroller
    – a car seat, rear-facing, installed (it can be tricky to install especially the first time; make sure it is installed before you go to get him!)

    OK, now I have just noticed that you didn’t even ask what you need to get – LOL!! But I will leave this list in case it is helpful.

    I’d love to see the pictures you took at your last meeting!

    Looking forward to more updates!

    Love, Bethany


  2. Hello dear Sharps,

    I would love to see pictures of your baby. What a roller coaster you have been on! How sweet that he is right now innocently unaware of the great blessing that is about to enter his life. You will be wonderful parents.

    The only advice I have is nothing you haven’t thought of: love him up! He will thrive on stability and touch and love. See… not a bit of advice you needed! You will be great. I promise!



  3. I am so thrilled for you and Andrew and for baby Sharp as well!! Its been a long time since I’ve had a 5 month old and I’m sure you have many friends who are more recent moms of infants.

    As an OT who works with kids. Give him lots of tummy time. He should be rolling soon, if he isn’t already. This is a really fun time developmentally because they are learning how to master so many skills and their little personalities really start to shine.

    You are going to be amazing parents.


  4. What an incredible time for you guys! I’ll be praying for you and baby Sharp. Mohit is seriously considering adoption! After having Ethan, he started thinking of all those babies without homes and loving parents. I’m hoping we can start the process of adopting a girl from India soon.
    My favorite stage so far has been 6-9 months…they are constantly learning new
    things, exploring their world and are just so much fun! Enjoy it!
    Baby Center is also a great website with articles about everyhing, and they’ll send you weekly updates and info appropriate to the age of your child.
    Would love to see any and all pics! God bless you. I may be asking ou for adoption advice soon. 🙂


  5. Liza and Andrew. 🙂

    I am full of joy for you today. I was sitting by Lisa when she got your e-mail with pictures … he is precious! 🙂 5 months begins my FAVORITE age … about 5/6 months to 4 years are the BEST. Their personalities start to come out in quirky, fun ways …. they are doing something different every day … they really start to become attached to individual people and show affection … it’s so fun to watch them develop!!

    I’m not a parent, but from working with a plethora of different kids around that age … if I could give any advice, it would be not to worry about when he reaches developmental milestones. Every kid is so different, some walk/talk/crawl “early” and some are very late. Almost all of them end up completely normal and intelligent, but it’s so easy to get really worried if he does something a little late … it can be a gift to him and to yourselves to let him develop at his own pace.
    And … talk to him. 24/7. About what you are doing at that moment, what you’re thinking, what’s happening that day. It will do wonders for his speech and understanding skills, help him attach to you, and a lot of babies feel more secure when there’s a dialogue going on.

    You’ll quickly find out what he likes and what he doesn’t. Ya’ll will be great parents, I have no doubt. 🙂 I’m praying for you and rejoicing with you.



  6. When he reaches the age to be “disciplined” it is really very easy to do. No means no. Say yes to everything you possibly can so when you say no, you really mean it and he really knows it. It is so much easier to develop character in a two year old than a twenty two year old (just look at our prisons). When he is a teenager, you will love him with your whole heart, but you probably won’t like him very much. You’ll wonder who in hell sucked his brain out while he was sleeping and left you with a boy’s body and alien’s brain. During this time, try to avoid drinking heavily or running away. For the terrible twos and any other milestone that makes you grind your teeth, post this somewhere and read it ninety seven times a day…”This too shall pass.” Boys don’t tend to talk much when they’re teens. You’ll have to be fluent in grunts and groans. I have found the best chats come from car rides, to and from practices or parties when you act like you’re totally focused on the road but really you’re hanging on every word they say. “PERSPECTIVE” is the word I live by.
    You are Godly and faith filled. You are already great parents.


  7. Hi,
    I am a friend of Andrew’s from high school. I don’t know what you already have or need but I have a few things that my daughter has recently grown out of and you can borrow for a little while. We have an exersaucer which is great for that age and a Baby Einstein caterpillar which my daughter loved! We live near you I think (we’re in Lexington) and I go up to the northshore a lot and could bring it by any time. We also have a portable crib but you probably already have that covered.
    Anyways, just let me know if any of these things sound good.


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