Taking Names . . .

We are looking for just the right name for baby boy . . . hoping to find a name that is unique and not one of the top ten boy names . . . hoping to have him named by Monday.  Please offer any and all suggestions.  

22 thoughts on “Taking Names . . .

  1. Hi Liza & Andrew,

    I’ve been praying for you and your journey. I’ll continue to pray that this time will be the time for you. I would love to see the pictures if you feel comfortable with that.

    I hope you find the perfect name that suits this baby. My husband and I wanted the same thing. We wanted a name that was different, but not crazy and also a name that you couldn’t make a nickname out of it. We chose Landon.

    Good luck to you!


  2. Ok, I always love the biblical or historical names. I’m not a major fan of the last names as first names deal. A few of my favorites:

    Micah, Ezra, Noah, Caleb, Isaiah, Nathaniel and Jeremiah.


  3. I vote for Tanner Bradley Sharp.

    Michael’s name is Michael Patrick. Meredith would have been Shelby Aaron had she been a boy and Kate would have been John-Matthew.

    Name picking is a doozy!


  4. I vote for some variant of Zack. I looked online at the meaning and I really think it is fitting for the bits of the situation that I understand. The name means the Lord recalls.

    Very excited for you both and I continue to pray…
    Much love.


  5. Wow! My heart is full!

    Ask God what He would name him.

    Name ideas:

    Grandpa Sharp was Werner Oscar.

    Grandpa VanHaste was Wilbur (no middle name, other folks would give him middle initials, like V for Van)

    In a way, you have to find a name that ‘fits’ him. Chrissy was ‘baby girl’ Sharp for 2 days because we had no girl names selected, opting to choose one that ‘fit’ her, because she looked like a ‘Christine’.

    Andrew was almost Abram Stephen Sharp, Abram being Grandpa VanHaste’s father and Stephen being my middle name, but then we realized the initials ASS would not be good.

    To try the names out, say them aloud. “Bill Sharp” works because the L precedes the S and that makes it easy to pronounce. “Andrew Sharp” works, in part because it is a 2 syllable word followed by a 1 syllable word. “Sam Sharp” does not work well due to the M followed by the S causing a lot of lips and mouth movement.



    • Love the advice from “Dad”, especially the part about saying the name aloud.

      When I was thinking of baby names, I was advised to pretend that my child is out playing and I’m calling him/her in for dinner. How does it sound?

      Try it with first, first and middle (if applicable), first and last, and the entire name together. Checking the initials is important too!

      I tried to think of name-rhyming insults that would make my child an easy target for teasing on the playground too. I’ve also found that people with hard-to-pronounce or spell names get frustrated by always having to correct people. Also, if personalized gifts are important to you, keep that in mind when finalizing the spelling.

      So exciting!!!


  6. If I was blessed with a baby boy, I think I would have a list of names that included Simon, Jameson, Austin, and perhaps Thomas. I love the name Andrew too, but I don’t need to suggest that one.

    I don’t comment often enough, but I always read and send thoughts, prayers, and much love to you.

    — Kristy


  7. We are so excited, happy, joyfull, hearts overflowing for you all…..

    I have always liked the name Abram. My Grandfather was a wonderful, kind, and Godly man and this was his name.

    Recommend Praying and getting a sense of what is right for him once you have more time with him.




  8. Zachery Caleb – it means: God has remembered and Faithful

    Ok, I think I have made enough suggestions.

    There are just so many wonderful names. I know the one you choose will be just right for him! I look forward to your decision and meeting this little guy.




  9. My favorite name is Josiah (meaning “Jehovah helps”), but we already have two cousins with that name and Mohit wasn’t thrilled with it, so we have an Ethan! I also have liked Zephaniah (meaning “hidden by God,” shortened to Zephan, like Stephan but with a short “e” and a “Z,” of course!) after meeting a young boy with that name. However, reading through the posts, I do like the meaning for Zachery!

    Good luck! Mohit and I had a girl name picked out two weeks after we found out we were pregnant. However, we couldn’t settle on a boy’s name until four hours after Ethan was born! 🙂



  10. Congrads Sharp family.

    I would say the name Rene sounds good for a boy.

    Lets see: Andrew Rene Sharp has a good ring to it or vice versa – Rene Andrew Sharp.

    Damien Rene Sharp
    Justin Sharp
    Hampton Sharp


  11. Yeah! Congratulations! I am so excited for you — Liza and Andrew — and for all of us as extended family and friends! I so look forward to meeting and getting to know new Baby Sharp.

    Too, I have loved reading everyone’s thoughtful suggestions. How fun to try out all these different names and see what fits. I particularly like Micah and Simon.

    Many prayers. It will become known!


  12. One thought is that it seems EVERYONE is trying to find unique names these days, with the result that names that seem unique are actually getting trendy (e.g. Elijah, Josiah, Jonah, Noah, Aiden and anything that rhymes with Aiden, etc.) The older, more classic names are not used as much anymore. Just be sure to check a name popularity chart if you want to be sure the name is not overly popular now, if it is important to you.

    Here is a GREAT website for checking the popularity of names over the last century: http://www.babynamewizard.com/voyager

    Good luck! I’m so glad that things went so well today!!


  13. Glad everything is going well so far!

    I love names, and I have to heartily second the suggestion to say the full name aloud a few times to see if you like the way it sounds and consider the nicknames.

    I haven’t met baby sharp yet (soon i hope) but if it fits with the man himself, I like Isaac, meaning “he laughs.” He was also the long awaited son, almost taken away.

    I’ve always had a soft spot for the name Felix, which means lucky or fortunate, and he certainly is that you were brought into his life.

    Good luck, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect name!!!


  14. Wow, I just got on here for the first time in a few days and SO much has happened! Congrats on having your baby in your home, what an amazing journey.

    I would love to see pics if you could send me the password.

    And I like the name Evan, which I saw someone already suggested. I have a wonderful cousin named Evan, and Evan Sharp sounds great. Can’t wait to hear what you choose!


  15. Soooooooo excited to hear the great news! God Bless! I vote for Canaan. It just seems perfect! Love you! I highly suggest the moby wrap……absolutely wonderful!


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