Baby Name Poll

Sharpteam is trying to choose just the right name. We have been praying and trying different names out and looking for just the right fit.

We would love to see which name you all like best. Please leave comments as to why you like a particular name, but please don’t try and talk us out of any of them : )

Still hoping for a name by Monday.


12 thoughts on “Baby Name Poll

  1. Jax is the cutest nickname for a kid ever and its still a very manly name once he’s older. I definitely love Jaxon. And X-es are great fun in signatures.

    You’ll find it!


  2. I picked Colton, because of those four names it’s the one I like best. But after reading the comment above, I do have to agree that Jax is an really cool nickname, and x’s are a lot of fun in signatures 🙂 I think Jax fits with your personality better than Colton does.


  3. Liza and Andrew,
    How about Jaxon Colton Sharp. I like the way they go together, just sounds rich in a very nice way. Hope you guys are having fun with this process.

    love ya both



  4. Canaan. I love the double a in the middle … it looks good on paper … and “Canaan Sharp” just sounds like a badass name … like he would be the kid you would pick first for your team, always.


  5. I saw his little face a couple days ago on your website, and I think Jaxon fits best. And that it sounds nice with Andrew and Liza. If you’re giving him a middle name, I like either Malachai or Canaan. Both are biblical and sound nice paired with Jaxon. says that Malachai means ‘my messenger’ – Biblical Languages majors may roll their eyes :), but perhaps God has been communicating something of Himself to you two through this whole process and now with this little one. Canaan was also the promised land, something God had prepared in advance as a gift to His people.

    I think with the journey you guys have been on, it would be beautiful if one of his names conveyed some of that journey… adding to his identity and understanding of your family and of God.

    And I think either of the names below still sound like someone you’d pick first for your team. 🙂 haha.

    Jaxon Malachai Sharp

    Jaxon Canaan Sharp

    🙂 With great love for you guys!


  6. I like Malachai the best. It’s a unique name – and I really like how it sounds. Whatever name you choose will be perfect, and will fit him well…


  7. So excited for you both. Malachi Ian sounds wonderful. And the abbreviated “Kai” is so unique and distinctive. Whatever name is chosen, this child is truly a blessing and gift from God. The very best to you both.


  8. Liza & Andrew, we are both rejoicing with you! We read all of your blog tonight and so appreciate this journey you have both been on, and are so inspired by your faith and belief in a bigger plan. To have “special baby boy” placed in your arms during National Adoption Month, and also on National Adoption Day is nothing short of Almighty God’s hand in your lives, and His longing to give you the desires of your heart! You will both make wonderful parents. Can’t wait to hold the
    little one and love up on him when we come for LCG in your beautiful new home. Love to you both! Kim & John


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