Family and Friends and Vermont!

Colton is having wonderful new adventures.  He got to see six dogs today (all time record for a little boy who loves dogs).  And he got to be with Papa Brad – that is a treat for everybody.  Papa Brad and a dog, that is like heaven to this little guy.

I was so grateful to get to spend time with Julia.  Julia and I were high school friends.  It has been years and years since we have seen one another.  I have always so admired her, and now all the more, now that she has one year old twins.  What a gift to see her!

Family and Friends from Vermont in Vermont – yummy summer days.


The Bold Explorer

Cole has slowly begun to let go of his baby ways for bigger boy ways of doing things. He walks every chance he gets now. He has almost given up attempting to eat grass and rocks. And he is choosing to explore everything. I love how he goes all in on things. He had a great time today running in the grass and playing with dogs, with the boldness of a child.

Road Trip! Destination – Vermont!

Road tripping to my home state this weekend.  I absolutely love Vermont and I am so joyful to share it with my two guys.  This is the view from a rest area on our trip up.

Here is our content little guy, he did not fall asleep until almost 9:00 pm, but I am so grateful he was enjoying the adventure.

We stopped at one of our favorite stops along the way the Common Man in Concord, NH.  Yum.

This road trip is off to a great start!

Road Tripping

We headed out on a ride trip Thursday night. Nothing says road trip like a self photo. We had just had a tasty dinner at The Common Man before heading up to Vermont for a long weekend. I love my family and I love road tripping with them.


My cousin Steve stopped by today with his family. I remember being a little kid spending summer vacations at his dad’s house in Vermont and thinking how cool he was. He is still pretty cool and has wonderful family. It was a treat to have them stop by to catch up for a few minutes on their travels around New England.

Big Kids

Colton loves people.  His favorite kind of people are kids.  He loves bigger kids.  Tonight when Andrew’s cousins stopped by, I could tell he was smitten.  He kept reaching out to them, watching them, poking them.  And these big kids were so lovely with him.  A big thank you to Lynnaya and Anita who were so sweet with Cole (Zack was a great sport too)!  Cole and I loved meeting the Preuss family.