Free Ferry Day Failure . . . Yet an Adventure Success

Andrew and I thought that Free Ferry Day sounded like a fantastic idea!  We really didn’t know about the Boston Harbor Islands and we thought this would be a great summer adventure.

We got up early, took the T into Boston, walked right up to Long Wharf and found this sign . . .

We thought this would be a morning event . . . waiting this long was not going to work for us, and just after I took this picture four more time slots were erased.  We looked at each other and knew we needed to plan a new adventure on the spot – after all we had childcare and were in Boston together for the morning.

We got out the iphone and went to work . . .

A year ago we started getting Groupon.  This is a great daily discount email.  And the first Groupon we invested in was a high-speed boat tour of Boston Harbor.  We still had not used it.  So we downloaded the Groupon app to the iphone, signed in, and headed off on the mile walk to Flagship Adventures . . .

We walked right in, and got ourselves on the next boat ride.

Here we are . . .

It was just us and one other passenger.

It was amazing!

This was one of the loveliest and most fun tours we have been on (and we have been on tours and love tours).  We highly recommend it!


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