Organizing Tip: Prepare a Place

If you were a guest in my home, I would love to offer you a lovely room to stay in . . . one that is light and airy . . .

Yet warm and cozy . . .

It would be ideal if it had a view . . .

We do have a sweet little guestroom and we will be having a guest in it tonight (yippee for Yewande!)

We try to always have the room prepared, we want guests to stop in, and we are always open to Emergency Foster Care.

Here is one way we are prepared for guests . . .

We have a little armoire (with a sweet Mickey Meyers Painting over it) . . . that is ready for storing some of our guests things, but is also equipped with . . .

A TV, DVD player, some DVD’s a two baskets . . .

One of toiletries . . .

And one of treats . . . Yewande likes Animal Crackers . . .

Organizing Tip of the day: Prepare a space for your guests and be ready for them.  With a place for toiletries and treats we are thinking of our guests and preparing a place for them before they arrive.

Welcome Yewande!


6 thoughts on “Organizing Tip: Prepare a Place

  1. I love this! It looks so inviting 🙂

    I can’t wait until we live closer to people we know… we’ve only had 2 guests (other than our families) since we got married. I have tried to make our guestroom “inviting” with extra blankets and pillows, a fan and space heater, and lots of extra toiletries…but it’s hard when we have no closet space (had to put hanging racks in the guestroom 😦

    We live in other people’s guestrooms a lot since we travel so much though, so I am looking forward to other seasons in life when we get to be the host and hostess. I have lots of ideas after being a guest so many places! haha! 😉


  2. Hi.
    Love the guest room. I’m trying to get myself and home organized and have been wandering around the web for suggestions. When I came upon your site, I just fell in love. I hope all my work turns out as cute as yours. I really like the baskets you have in this post and am wondering where you got them. Do you think they might still carry them and were they expensive? Thank you for your help.



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