40 for 40 {Experience 17} : Walk with My Boys

We headed to Maine.  It is called “Vacationland,” which always struck me as ridiculous as a child.  Growing up in Vermont, Maine always seemed like a colder version of my day to day life . . . as an adult, it is a vacation an hour’s drive away and I adore heading up there with my boys . . . as you can see here, here, and here . . . just to show a few trips.

Maine is beautiful, but these faces . . .

. . . are my favorite.

We walked all along York’s Long Sands Beach . . .

So fun that our little guy is walking with us these days.

And a true joy to see the views through his eyes . . .


We are loving fifteen months . . . where he finds joy in exploring . . .

And he loves holding my hand . . .

This little guy and his papa, both hold more than just my hand, they surely hold my heart.



Happy Fall!  May you enjoy it with those that you most enjoy!









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