40 for 40 {Experience 26} : Attend a Wedding

I love the pictures we have of our wedding.

They were all taken by our friend, Craig.  He is not a professional photographer, but he did a tremendous job.  We have both adored Craig since we all worked together in Senior High Ministry at Grace Chapel, almost a decade ago.

Craig is a brilliant guy.  He is kind and thoughtful.  He has been on many adventures with the Sharpteam . . . Here he is at a David Crowder concert . . .

Andrew and Craig prepare to go into a Christmas Concert in Boston . . .

Craig is known for making goofy faces in pictures . . . but who is looking goofy in the pic below?

We love Craig.

And we are so excited about the amazing woman that Craig married this month.  Her name is Leah and she is beautiful.  An amazing woman with a kind and thoughtful spirit to match Craig.

You may remember a picture we took of the engaged couple in July . . .

We have been looking forward to October with them, because that is when they decided to get married – so wonderful!  Just wishing we had Craig’s photography skills . . . here are a couple of snapshots of the beautiful day . . . .

Craig danced his way into the room . . . here he is walking down the aisle.

Leah looked beautiful . . .


We were so honored to be asked to read in their wedding.  And the ceremony was a beautiful reminder of the gift of marriage.  I am so grateful to walk through life with Andrew by my side.

It was a beautiful day of celebration.


To Craig and Leah . . . and marriage.

Pictures here


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