40 for 40 {Experience 32} : Children's Museum with Cole

I remember this milk bottle from my childhood.  On very special occasions (maybe twice), I went to the Boston Children’s Museum.  I have fleeting images and memories of my times in this magical place . . . but they have been added to over the years.

Andrew and I went into Boston on our second date and we went to the Boston Children’s Museum!  Look at us, we were kids ourselves!

It was a joy to bring Colton to one of our favorite Boston experiences.  We have brought numerous foster kids here, so fun to stamp our little guys’ hand . . .

Mostly he ran from place to place in utter excitement (with two parents in tow running after him)

Here he is running around the Japanese house.  This is where I learned about how people lived in Japan.  I distinctly remember removing my shoes at this house when I was little.

Cole’s favorite part of the museum was the construction area.  He loved these tunnels (here we are both saying “Papa.”

Of course he LOVED the “tractor” . . . .

He is a little sponge these days . . .

May we keep pouring out all the good stuff!


It was a great day . . .








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