Looking for Prayers to Cover Like Snow

We are certainly covered in snow around here.  So covered that the local schools have been closed since last Wednesday due to snow on their roofs.

Poor Susan has been stuck with us for days . . .

And as fun as we may be, we are no substitute for friends . . .

She called it “prison” today.

So how are we doing?  We are hanging in there.

But we could sure use your prayers.

The first day at school is a “meet and greet” for her and then she will start . . .

Could you cover us like the snow?


AND School is closed until Friday!  Oh my.


6 thoughts on “Looking for Prayers to Cover Like Snow

  1. Oh Liza,
    I did pray for you all last night, thinking that Susan would probably being going to school today or tomorrow. I am so sorry you have that much snow. Having all 4 boys in our tiny ranch during the winter does feel like a prison most of the time. I can only imagine with a teen. I wonder why God chose this way for you all spend your first days together. We have to trust His character. I will pray for this new need now….that you all will have patience for one another and that God may bring some fun out of the snow.
    Jen Bujno


  2. Oh, Liza and Andrew, I can imagine how you feel and I can also imagine how Susan feels. I will pray a deluge of snowflake prayers to cover you in grace, wisdom, love and joy as you guide this precious child of God.


  3. Praying for sure! And I know that when winter seems to drag on, cabin fever sets in and yeah, it can sure feel like a prison! Will be praying the Lord gives you creative ideas of things to do during this “confinement” that will engage her with you all. And be encouraged….she sounds like a normal young teenager who wants to get out and be social (hey, that’s a great positive!) and who knows…perhaps this will also build up the anticipation for going to a new school! Praying that it is all a positive experience for everyone! Many blessings, my friend!


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