Susan's Response to Her New School


“Today was a great first day of school.  I met new people and had lots of fun.  I am mostly caught up with my work.  The school is a great school.  The kids are nice.  Not one person is mean, and the staff is an astounding staff.  Their lunch was ok, but not great.  Overall I like that school very much and look forward to going back tomorrow.”  ~ Susan on her first day of school



6 thoughts on “Susan's Response to Her New School

  1. Hey Susan!!! That is so great to hear. I am so happy that you had a positive first day. I bet now you can breath easier and sleep well tonight. My thoughts will be with you as you venture back tomorrow. Remember to stand tall and when you look in the mirror, know that you are a treasure and are worth far more than gold, silver, diamonds, and precious jewels. I am proud of you!


  2. Susan, so glad to hear it was g good start! I did have to laugh about you comment about the food…..I used to work as a custodian for a local school district and I don’t think anyone every truly like lunch….unless it was pizza day! You have a great attitude and I know that will take you a long ways. Praying that you will develop new friendships easily and quickly! And that the homework won’t be too hard to catch up on! Be blessed!!!


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