Toddler Tuesday

Lesson for a Toddler:

Cole has started saying “want it” for various things…

We have been working with him to replace “want it” with “please” and then a smile.

We are getting there.

And he is starting to add the smile on his own.

It has been a great lesson for us that being intentional with Cole really does make a difference. And it doesn’t hurt to add a smile most anywhere.


2 thoughts on “Toddler Tuesday

  1. You guys are doing a super great job!!!!!! Those little videos made me smile-heehee. Thank you, your lesson for your son is most definately an encouragement to me. Our 14mo. old is needing these consistant teachings as well…and I just sometimes get so worn down. This motivates me to keep on going…..Thanks Liza!


  2. That’s precious! I love that you guys are being super intentional with the words and actions you want him to learn and show. I’m a children’s pastor at a small community church, and it’s sooo interesting to see what words the little ones react to, or respond with… knowing everything in their little brains is what their families say and do. Some yell, some smile, some only can say “no”. Keep it up! You guys are amazing parents!


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