Saturday Adventure: To IKEA

A trip to IKEA is always an adventure . . . especially when it is one’s first trip, as was the case with Susan today.

Susan enjoyed the adventure.  Cole also enjoyed it in his own way . . .

We also did some eating . . . we had lunch there . . . .

We shopped . . .

And then we ate we ate a little more . . . cinnamon roles . . .

And we finished off the day with laughter . . . a good adventure!


Sunday Quote

Maybe I should stop struggling to create peace inside my own confused and buzzing self, with its huge, irresolvable contradictions of faith and faithlessness, hope and despair, flashes of joy and pain.

Maybe instead I should simply let God’s companionable quietness suck all the turmoil out

Maybe I am supposed to lie back in God’s arms, chattering to God like a child instead of pretending to be the grown-up I know in my heart I’m not.

Saturday Adventure: New Hampshire Children's Museum

Susan had a family visit today, so the Sharpteam headed out as a trio.  We were bound for the Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine.  This was a wonderful spot we went walking with Cole when he was wee, and we thought would be a good spring tradition.  So we headed to Maine, but as we crossed the bridge into Maine it was windy and snowy.  We decided to head to the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire instead.

Cole was thrilled.  It was a lovely little Museum filled with interactive treats . . .

Mask Play


Inside the Submarine

What a g-r-r-r-r-eat time we had today!


Toddler Tuesday: The Joy of Music

One of the joys of Toddler’s is that they embrace the joy of music.  Cole is singing and dancing all the time.  We are particularly impressed with his love of the guitar, as modeled by his “Uncle Brian.”

[vimeo 21086617]
We love you, Uncle Brian, you really are THE DUDE!

Saturday Adventure: Interactive Espionage

We headed to Gillette Stadium today . . . not to see the Patriot’s play . . . but to head into our own espionage adventure (we hosted a mystery dinner party complete with Secret Agents last night, so this was our spy weekend).

Our mission began in this rug shop, which seemed a bit odd, but it all started to get rolling when the rug shop keeper threw down this clipboard:

The room was bugged, so we all began searching . . .

We were then briefed . . .

We went into an elevator . . . and then had to navigate all of these laser beams.  Cole was on Andrew’s back, so he had to take him off and navigate with the big back pack and our baby.

Not a great pic, but a great time!

It was a good time.

Susan said, “No offense to the other Saturdays,” but she really liked this one.

Saturday Adventure: Natick Community Organic Farm

For this weekend’s Saturday Adventure we headed to this Sugar Shack at the Natick Community Organic Farm.  There was a wait for the Sugaring Tours, but we stayed past Cole’s nap time and explored a bit . . .

Colton was on the shoulders, on the back, on the hip . . . we forgot his boots, so we did all we could to keep him up off the muddy ground.

We ate grilled cheese, quiche, and soup for lunch . . .

All while this guy watched.

We headed off on our tour . . .

Where we learned about how the Native Americans sugared . . .

How they sugared in Colonial Times

And how they sugar today at the Sugar Shack . . .


Another lovely Sharpteam Saturday Adventure . . . Susan has been on board for them for the past month, but her privacy is protected here.  Know that she is doing well.