Saturday Adventure: Natick Community Organic Farm

For this weekend’s Saturday Adventure we headed to this Sugar Shack at the Natick Community Organic Farm.  There was a wait for the Sugaring Tours, but we stayed past Cole’s nap time and explored a bit . . .

Colton was on the shoulders, on the back, on the hip . . . we forgot his boots, so we did all we could to keep him up off the muddy ground.

We ate grilled cheese, quiche, and soup for lunch . . .

All while this guy watched.

We headed off on our tour . . .

Where we learned about how the Native Americans sugared . . .

How they sugared in Colonial Times

And how they sugar today at the Sugar Shack . . .


Another lovely Sharpteam Saturday Adventure . . . Susan has been on board for them for the past month, but her privacy is protected here.  Know that she is doing well.


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