A More Livable Living Room

We love our house. It has been an absolute gift into our lives. After renovating our previous condo, it was nice to move into a place that only needed painting. And over the past year and a half we have slowly found small places to make improvements. We built a patio outside, put in a walkway, added a shed, tidied up the garage and updated the fireplace.

But one of the areas that has never quite felt complete is our living room. It has a great fireplace and beautiful french doors. But the far side has always felt like unusable space. So, while I was between jobs, Liza and I came up with plans to add some built-ins.

Our living room before

Sharpteam Living Room before

First up was to remove the baseboard and the crown moulding to make room for the new addition.

living room renovation

After putting in the base cabinets, Colton decided he needed to check everything out and make sure it was up to code.

living room inspection

After a week of hard work, the cabinets and shelves were in and finally painted. About a week after the below photo was taken I was able to finish off the crown moulding and added in the bench seat.

Sharpteam Built-ins

We love the feel of our living room now. And Liza did an incredible job decorating the shelves, which I am sure will show up in another blog post.
(note the future blog post teaser 🙂 )


2 thoughts on “A More Livable Living Room

  1. OH! This is GORGEOUS!!! I love, love, love it! We do not have enough shelves in our home and I’m hoping for more someday (after we move)… I have too many books and photos and pretty things to display! 🙂


  2. Great job Andrew and Liza! I’m a project addict myself (too many ideas, not enough time/money), but I know how hard it is to get them done when all you really want to do is fun stuff with your child! And excuse me, but “slowly” done some home improvements? You’ve accomplished a lot for 1 1/2 yrs when you have a toddler!


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