A More Livable Living Room (Part II)

I did not know that my husband was handy when I married him . . . but I am tremendously blessed by Andrew’s ability to tackle any project and do it well.

He left you in his latest post with our new beautiful built ins – all put in with his hands . . .

And we lived with them like that for quite a while . . . but with the birthday coming it was time to stop lazing around . . .

And get them decorated.

I am not a decorator.

I was slow in the process.

I tried books, but did not like the look . . . so we went with very few books (we have other bookshelves being planned).  And we went with some items that are meaningful to us . . .

Each shelf has little insets of meaning . . .

And little personal touches . . .

Reminders of who we are and who we hope to be . . .

Within these shelves you will find . . . the first letter Andrew ever wrote to me, my family Bible, a book of Common Prayer from the 1800’s, Shakespeare’s entire collection, scripts of plays that I have been in, reminders of how we want to have open hands, intentionality, and Colton’s adoption cup.

We love our shelves, the storage, and the possibilities ahead.

Happy Decorating.


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6 thoughts on “A More Livable Living Room (Part II)

  1. I am seriously IN LOVE with the makeover! And it looks even better with the shelves filled with “pretties” (as my dad would say. We were often warned as little ones not to break Mom’s “pretties” haha 😉


  2. Liza, this looks fantastic! You and Andrew did a wonderful job with this. Can’t wait to see it in person someday.
    Did you purchase plans for the built ins or design/ build them yourselves?


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