Putting Together a Little Nautical Party

We had a little birthday party last week.  We wanted to have a bit of a Nautical feel for our little guy who loves the ocean, the beach, and boats . . .

We kept it simple.  I made three crafts.  Bought a couple of things and borrowed a couple of things.

I am not crafty, but I am inspired to make things look and feel festive, so I searched online and was inspired to make a couple of pennants for our little guy.  I found my inspiration here and made a “Happy Birthday ” pennant.

And one that said “Colton” and had pictures of him growing up over the past two years.

The second craft we made were little boats from Michael’s.  I saw them here, and began working on them days in advance because of their warning . . .

I thought they would be much smaller.  I recruited help from my Mom and Colton . . .

I finished them off with Andrew.  We decided to use real paint brushes rather than the ones that came in the kit.  We painted them all blue and white and I wrote each guests name on the stern.

We had a lovely little regatta around the table . . .

The final craft I did the night before.  I was inspired by my favorite bloggers at Young House Love to make these tissue pom poms

There were tutorials all over the web.  I used ten pieces of tissue and a pipe cleaner.

I did head to the Christmas Tree Shops and got a couple of boats and some buoys for under $20 total.

One boat fit right into our Spring/Summer Mantel . . .

And then I borrowed some oars and a boat from my Mom . . . 

The boat was the big hit of the day.

Happy Birthday to our little sailor!

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3 thoughts on “Putting Together a Little Nautical Party

  1. I absolutely love nautical themes and think you did a great job! I like how you made a few things, bought a few things and borrowed a few things too!

    I found you via TT&J Weekend Wrap Up. My post is one after yours. I would love if you checked my blog out!



  2. What a wonderful party for your little guy. I love the attention you paid to details. Thanks for linking to the Home Decor & Organizing Link Party. I’ll be featuring this.


  3. I found your post via t & j blog hop. I love the party and nautical themes…you did a great job! Love the pennants and how happy your son looks in the boat – very sweet. 🙂

    I would love for you to check my blog out too…I also having a blog link up party going on now…



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