Summer Week 4 {Animal Week} : Puppies and Duckies

I went to college in the same area that I now live.  In college I babysat for the most tremendous family and the sweetest little girl.  Her name was Caroline and here I am with her on the beach where a decade later I got engaged . . .

And just recently I thought of the things this little two year old loved to do:  go to the puppy store and feed the ducks.  So I decided to bring back those old traditions almost two decades later with my own little guy.

We went to the same “puppy store”

Cole enjoyed it immensely . . . I cannot believe how expensive these little dogs were . . .

We then went to feed the ducks and this was one of Cole’s favorite experiences of all time . . . .

You can see him winding up here.

Cole loved the ducks, the ducks loved him, and I adored them both, it was lovely.

Thank you for your inspiration, Caroline.




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