Summer Week 5 {Boat Week} : Friendship

It is boat week, and there is a big boat that lives around the corner from us, the Friendship.  We have walked by it a number of times, but never have boarded it . . .

Until now . . .


Colton and I headed out, just the two of us . . . when I head into new surroundings together I will often contain him until I get the lay of the land, so it was stroller-time for our little guy, while we journeyed to the Visitor Center for tickets.  I patted myself on the back, as there was a lot of waiting while tourists asked questions.  Having him in the stroller was brilliant . . .

Once we boarded the ship we were met by four young park rangers, who gave Colton his own junior shipmate pin . . .

He was not sure how he felt about it . . . me either, a pin on my two year old, but we smiled and held hands and ventured on board together . . .

I am doing a better job these days of letting him walk around on his own.

He is recognizing when it is ok to run, he is doing better and better at exploring appropriately . . .

And I have decided to embrace the next challenge, trying to photograph him in the spaces in between . . . I am not as successful yet, but we are having fun exploring together.

Cole LOVED the Friendship.


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