Summer Week 10 {Beach Week} : Crane Beach

We love where we live, and we live near a number of beautiful beaches.  So to end summer well we were intentional about getting to the local beaches.

Crane Beach is expansive.


A perfect beach for a family walk on a perfect day.


We have one little guy who is in love with the beach.


Summer Week 9 {Color Week} : Color Days

Every day this week was a different color day.  Cole wore something that was the color of the day and found something in the house that was the color of the day.

Red Day


Orange Day

That is Colton’s “strong muscle” face on the left.

Yellow Day


Green Day


Blue Day

Celebrating Colors and Summer.

Summer Week 9 {Color Week} : Kite Day

There were lots of colors to be found on Kite Day.

Colton got to choose the color of his kite and tail.  He chose green and orange.

Papa helped decorate it . . . and then taught Colton how to fly it . . .


Colton loved flying his kite . . .

And he loved seeing all the other kites . . . the many colored kites . . .

What a wonderful way to celebrate summer!


Summer Week 9 {Color Week} : Canaan Farms

This week of summer we are exploring colors . . . and we found some right away when we went to pick up some summer corn . . .

Cole is doing a great job on his colors (much better than my dad – who is color blind).

We talked about the colors as we looked at the different vegetables . . . until we got to the berries and then Cole just wanted to eat them.

It was a sunny, yellow day  . . .

And it ended with the yummiest yellowy corn, shucked by Colton.

A great beginning to color week!



The Wedding of Ashley & Ross

This is why we decided to head to Charlottesville Virginia.  To celebrate the wedding of Ashley and Ross.

When I worked at Houston Baptist University I had an incredible staff of young women.  Ashley was tremendous at planning events that were personal and so thoughtful.  This was just the same a beautifully personal and thoughtful wedding.

The ceremony and reception both took place at a sweet inn.  Ashley and her party walked from the deck of the room she stayed in into the sweet and simple courtyard.  The welcome table had a handwritten sign and wedding pictures of Ross and Ashley’s parents.  The guestbook was handmade by Ashely.

The Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony was beautiful.  Andrew and I read a selection from Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  We were so honored to be part of such a sacred time.

The reception was at the same location.  The little touches were tremendous.  Everything was handwritten in Ashley’s beautiful handwriting.  From the big thoughtful signes to the little “gluten free” pennants on the cupcakes.  It was stunning.

Our deepest love and best wishes to the happy couple.  Marriage is the most wonderful gift!

Roadtrip – Things We Did : Safari

My brother is already rolling his eyes.  He pointed out long ago that for some reason Andrew and I visit animals a good deal.  He is right, if you want to see random pictures of random animals we have plenty of them from various adventures . . . visiting the Houston Zoo,  a place in Texas ironically called Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, and almost monthly visiting the alligators in Brazos Bend State Park.  We have visited plenty of zoos as seen here, here, and here.  Our favorite place thus far has been Bayou Wildlife Park in Texas.  Whenever people visited, we brought them . . . as seen here, here and here.

So we are embracing it . . . we like to visit the animals.  So we checked out Virginia’s Safari Park on our road trip.

It was a drive through experience where we got to feed the animals from our car . . .

We all enjoyed the animals.  Colton is a true member of the Sharpteam.