Fall Mantel 2011

Autumn is here and we are officially kicking off our celebration of Fall with a Fall Mantel

One year ago Andrew and I did our first attempt at a seasonal mantel, here is what we did last Fall . . .

Fun to see the different choices we are making in these days.  You can see our Fall Mantel, Christmas MantelWinter Mantel, and Spring/Summer Mantel in these posts, a year of mantels!

This year we decided that we wanted our Fall to be filled with two things . . . Community and Gratitude, so we made this sign together.  Andrew built and painted the pallet and I wrote on it our own Fall mantra . . .

We have begun venturing out into local antique stores, we live near dozens of them, and we found two old crates that we thought were fun.

The first we used to gather things that represented the gathering of the academic community (the new school year starts for me as I work in a high school).  Andrew and I also read together, and love to do so in the Fall in front of a fire.  And that globe is showing off Venezuela where we met . . .

The other little crate is sweet with its three compartments . . . one for each member of the Sharpteam.

The other side includes memories of Fall last year . . .

Andrew and I took those two pictures last fall as one of our goals to embrace Fall.  They bring back memories of a lovely lunch hour on a beautiful Fall Day.

The verse is a printable that I found online at Pinterest.

There she is, our intentional Fall Mantel, 2011.

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Happy Autumn Everyone!


6 thoughts on “Fall Mantel 2011

  1. I love how you really thought about each and every piece…they all represent something meaningful to you BOTH, they have a story! And *gasp* no pumpkins! 🙂 I need to start decorating for fall…Thanks for the inspiration!


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