31 Days {Day 2}: The Spirit of Adventure

I have always liked to get away for a bit . . . I loved vacations as a child, expeditions in the woods.  In high school I went to friends’ schools to see how they were different from mine.  I loved retreats and mission trips, camps and music festivals.  I adore road trips.  I believe that by venturing outside of our day to day we get to see things anew and we get to see new things.

As we watch Cole encounter the world, this spirit of adventure seems almost innate.  He loves to explore and discover.

Yet I have found that with the years and the decades comfort and settling both feel much more enticing.

An adventurous spirit is a choice.  And when we choose to adventure, to encounter the world as an explorer and discoverer, we are choosing to become a life-long learner, one who is stretched and one who is open to growth.

How do we embrace the Spirit of Adventure?

We must add to our list and experiences things that challenge us, things that involve a little bit of risk, a little bit of the unknown.

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Updating as we go . . .

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