31 Days {Day 5} : Explore Art

On some Fridays, when we do not have an adventure planned for the weekend, my efficient husband will scan through websites listing weekend events.  I tend to get overwhelmed by them, but Andrew is able to narrow the events down to one or two and sends me a little email with an option or two.  One of my favorite finds of his was this summer when he found Cliff Diving in Boston.  Cliff Diving in Boston?  The best cliff divers in the world jumped off the Institute of Contemporary Arts in Boston.  It was tremendous.

This weekend he found that the artists in Lowell were having an open studio day.  We enjoy art, and this felt like a less intimidating way of seeing artwork from local artists. Lowell has numerous old mill buildings.  And these have been converted to artist studios.

We stepped off an old mill elevator to welcoming tight hallways, lined with artwork and doors.

Each studio space was small and unique.  They were wonderful to explore.  I especially appreciated that one photographer was offering free studio sessions taking pictures of the art-explorers.

We found that various doors just drew us into see the artwork on the walls . . .

Ashlee Welz Smith was the first artist to capture us with her paintings (both above and below).

Another artist we both thought was wonderful was Christopher Pendergast

We did make one purchase to remember our day, a little fabric flower pin by Migration

Each of us enjoyed all the different art mediums and each other.  The artists were all welcoming (there were lots of snacks around), and it made for a perfect little adventure on a rainy day.

Stepping into the studio held unique smells.  I immediately was transported to summers spent at the Governor’s Institue on the Arts.  I went for theater, but I admired all of my artist friends who painted and sculpted and created; I loved being around that creative mindset.  Andrew too remarked on the smell and feel of the place, as he did art in his childhood and adolescence.  We were both inspired by being in such a creative community.  It is our hope that we will expose Cole to art throughout his childhood.

So a challenge to you, before the end of the year adventure into some artistic place and allow yourself to be present and inspired.

Until next time, Lowell artists.


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