31 Days {Day 6} : To the Fair!

I have not been to the fair since I was in high school.  It comes and goes each year without my taking any notice whatsoever . . . but this year . . . we are looking for adventures in October (31 to be exact) and I have a two year old, who I thought just might enjoy the fair.  So the fair is in town and we headed out.

I liked that to enter the fair we used two “gold” coins . . .

There were many sights and sounds, smells and sensations that I remembered, it was like returning to the fair of my youth in many ways . . .

But in many ways it was better . . . I had set my expectations low, expecting lots of whirling rides and cheap stuffed toys.

But there were lots of things that were fun to explore with a two year old . . . like the poultry barn . . . from incubation to full hen . . .

Barns just for fruits, veggies and flowers . . .

Highlights for Cole included riding on tractors . . .

Seeing Bees and Cows . . .

But the biggest highlight of all was . . .

That is right, Colton and Papa rode an elephant.  We had no idea there would be an elephant at the fair.

In fact we had no idea what to expect.  We decided at 11:30 we were going to go, and we were there at 12:30 with very little expectations.  Whatever happened was a bonus for us, we had not even planned on it . . . so an elephant, now that was a joy.

I am inspired by Cathy at Year27+1, she is writing about 31 Days of Play for a Toddler. So fun.  Check her out, and if you have a minute or two head over and find some other fun 31 Day Challenges.


Updating as we go . . .

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