31 Days {Day 10} : Furniture Store?

Today is a guest post from Andrew so Liza could have a day off on her birthday:)

We try and find adventure in the normal of our days. Since 2004, we have been able to have lunch together almost every day. When we lived in Houston, my office was close enough that I could come home for a quick lunch with Liza. When we moved back to the North East, I worked from home so lunch together was even easier. We have found this to be a great time to adventure together when we are able. Now that I am back working in an office again we do not get to have lunch together everyday, but we have made time one day out of the week to meet up for lunch as a family.

This past week we met up at a local furniture store called Jordan’s Furniture.

Jordans Furniture

Now adventure and furniture store do not always go together but Jordan’s Furniture is really an experience. We started off with lunch at Fuddruckers, a simple, family friendly restaurant inside the Jordan’s Furniture complex.

Colton FuddruckersThe Sharpteam at FuddruckersNext, Cole hopped into a taxi cart and off we sped to check out the rest of the store.

Colton Taxi

We made our way up to the second floor, past the tribute to the Red Sox (Go Sox! maybe next year) and the Green Monster.

Green Monster

We took a look through the sofas thinking about a future purchase for our living room.

Liza Sofa

Next we peaked at some furniture for Cole’s room, again thinking that next summer he will be out of his crib and into a bed.

Colton Soccer

Finally we headed back down to see the water fountain show and the Jelly Bean sculptures.

jelly bean flower

I think Cole would have loved to see the trapeze school in action, so maybe another trip back for him. All in all, quite the adventure filled lunch break, and a wonderful break in my day.

What about you, where do you find adventure in your everyday? What places have you found that have turned a normal experience into an extraordinary adventure?


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