31 Days {Day 11} : Stanley

I received an email from one of my students inviting me to her mother’s office.  An unusual request.  She was wondering if I would like to go . . . and if I would be open to giving her a ride . . .

The crux of the invitation was that there was going to be a particular object there the next day . . . the Stanley Cup.

Was I a fan?

Would I like to see it?

I am not a fan . . . but I am celebrating adventure this month . . . so I was in.

First, the office.  I am a fan of architecture and design, and we were headed to Carpenter & MacNeille. “Carpenter & MacNeille designs, builds and restores beautiful homes throughout New England.”  They have been featured in Architecture Digest, New England Home and Kitchen Trends.  The office itself once was a trolley barn and it has a rich history.

I am not a Boston Bruins fan per se . . . in that I don’t follow hockey.  But I do celebrate when Boston teams perform well, as I love our city, and I am thrilled that they won the Stanley Cup.

This event helped me to understand a bit more about the cup . . .

The Stanley Cup is the trophy awarded to the winners of the National Hockey League Championship.  There is one cup, a new one is not made each year to be handed out. This cup is held by the winning team until a new champion is found, and then it is handed off.

Each champion team name, players, coaches, management, and club staff are all engraved on the trophy itself. And a relatively new tradition is that each of these players, coaches, management all get the Stanley Cup for a day (this began in 1995). And this is why the cup was at my students’ mothers’ office . . .

When we arrived to see it, we found all these cuties posing in front of it . . .

After these guys each got a solo turn with the trophy an orderly line was formed and the sixty or so people that were there to see it, awaited their turn.  It was orderly and upbeat.

Lots of things have allegedly happened to the Stanley Cup while in the hands of players . . .

    • it has been stuck at the bottom of a pool . . .
    • been urinated in . . .
    • been lost . . .
    • children have been baptized in it . . .
    • and it was taken apart, and carved upon by more than one player . . .

according to this article

No craziness on our day . . .

But it was an adventure for this girl . . . and I am intentional about always being up for an adventure.


Updating as we go . . .

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2 thoughts on “31 Days {Day 11} : Stanley

  1. how awesome! even if you aren’t a fan, that is still awesome!!!!

    (i am a huge hockey fan and still haven’t gotten a chance) 🙂


  2. I am loving the adventures!! This one made me think, “What have I been saying ‘No’ to that I might just want to take a second look. Maybe I will actually play video games with my sons on their video game day :). You have me thinking WAY out of the box!! :). Thank you.
    Peace and Grace in Christ.


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