31 Days {Day 12} : Hot Air Balloon – Part 1

This picture was taken one year ago on my birthday.  It was cold and it was windy.  We had planned on doing a hot air ballon ride, but it was cancelled . . .

One year later, we embraced the adventure and headed back up to Northern Vermont for a day trip.  We have tried other weekends this year, but it has never worked out.  This past weekend was glorious.

Andrew’s parents took Cole for the day, and my mom and her husband, Skip, took him for the night, and Andrew and I headed off on a road trip (great gratitude to and for grandparents).

I love driving up to Vermont, there are different stops along the way that we enjoy.  This time we stopped in Lebanon, New Hampshire.  We had a great lunch, a game of backgammon, and I bought a t-shirt at EMS, it was so warm!  A treat compared to last years’ temps at this time.

We arrived on time and ready to go for our balloon ride with one other couple.

Our pilot, Ken, and his fantastic crew laid out the balloon and prepped it for the hot air.

Watching the balloon fill with hot air was pretty spectacular . . .

And as soon as it was ready we all piled in and we had lift off . . .

Ascending is the strangest feeling.  It is a rising into profound quiet.  It is almost sacred.

Above the busyness of the day-to-day

And then above the beauty of Vermont . . .

The experience of floating above the world is tremendous.  It was wild to see cars pull over and people come out of their homes to see us passing by.  As I snapped pictures of the beauty of their world below, they were reaching for cameras and phones to take pictures of us.

Seeing the world from above was such a reminder that there is beauty all around us.  I could only see a shadow of what we looked like . . . but I recognized that where we were was also in the midst of beauty.

We had quite an adventure in the minutes that followed . . . so much so that we will be posting three posts today . . .


Updating as we go . . .

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