31 Days {Day 12} : Hot Air Balloon – Part 2

This year on the last day of my 40th year, we finally were able to head out on an adventure we have been trying to go on for a year.  Andrew and I went hot air ballooning.

This is the second post in a three post series on this adventure.  If you are jumping in in the middle head to Hot Air Balloon Part 1 first.

We soared above the beautiful foliage of my home state.

It was a beyond perfect Columbus Day weekend.

It was also interesting.

Early on in the flight, within the first few minutes, it was clear that Ken, our pilot, was already anticipating and figuring out where we might land.  He was feeling out the winds at different altitudes and pointing out possible fields in the distance.

It is a tricky thing to navigate, finding a field, at just the right time, with winds changing and blowing us in various directions.

It seemed like we were flying over dozens of fields . . .

Ken finally selected one, and prepared us all for the landing.  We put away our cameras, bent our knees . . .

And missed the field entirely.

We expected this to happen, we understand.

It happened again.

Plan C was to land in this field near the back hoe.

And as we floated through the air, missing fields 4, 5, and 6 . . .

I was thinking about how much this adventure was like life.

There are times when we think everything is going to line up, that we are going to land in a particular place (or with a particular friend, or in a particular job, or with a particular partner) . . . and things do not line up.  Life continues forward.

A balloon cannot go back the path it came on . . .

and neither can we . . .

So we kept floating and looking for the just the right field . . .



Updating as we go . . .


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