31 Days {Day 13 } : To the Theater

I grew up doing community theater.  I loved it.  I loved what it was to be a part of a cast and to enter into another reality.

I also love going to the theater.  There are performances where I experience the recognition of more . . . perhaps because of a particular actor or actress, or because of the writing, or because of the synergy, and I so love those moments.

For Christmas my in-laws gave us a tremendous gift, season tickets to the theater.  It has been such a joy to have a night out each month.

Cole’s babysitter arrived and we headed out and grabbed dinner down the street.

This is actually our first time heading here for dinner, it was a last minute decision.

Look what a cheap date I am!

I do eat.  When we head out we split the meal.  There is always plenty of food (and if we are still hungry we can always split dessert).

You have seen this game in other posts.  We play backgammon.  We are evenly matched, and this is a free version I have on my phone.

We arrived at the North Shore Music Theater . . .

There the picture taking ends, as we are not allowed to take pictures in the theater.

The show this month was The King and I.

The production was good.  It was not my favorite of our shows this season (as it is not my favorite musical).

Our favorite was a surprise to us both.


Neither Andrew nor I is a fan of animation, so a Disney Musical was not one we thought we would enjoy.

But this particular musical had us weeping in the second act as Tarzan struggled to reconcile the story of his past with who he is.  Tarzan is a boy who has never known his biological parents.  He discovers remnants of their life and longs to understand how they impact who he will become.

He sings a song, Everything that I Am, as he struggles to shape his future . . .

Andrew and I both thought of our little guy.  Colton is adopted.  We have very little that we know about his birthmother and we know nothing about his birthfather.  We ached as we watched the show, we caught glimpses of the pain our son might have to walk through.

And I think that is the gift of theater, we can be moved to see beyond, to understand more, to shift perspective, to feel deeply.

We have loved adventuring into the theater this year.


Updating as we go . . .

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