31 Days {Day 15} : Choate Island

One day out of the year the Trustees of Reservations have an official open house on Choate Island which is part of the Crane Estate in Ipswich. This year it just so happened to fall on Liza’s birthday and her mom, Mimi, asked us if we would be interested in heading over with her and her husband Skip. We of course said yes to such a cool adventure. They picked the right day for the event with what would normally be a cool, fall day in New England, we were greeted with 80+ degree weather, what a treat!

We met up with Mimi and Skip for a lovely picnic lunch at Crane’s beach complete with chocolate torte that somehow Mimi iced inside of a picnic basket while Liza was turned the other way.

Liza Cake

After everyone had eaten their fill, we boarded the shuttle to head over to the boat dock to then take a tender out to the island. Cole of course was thrilled to ride a bus.

Picnic Lunch

We took a fun truck ride to the first house and then walked the rest of the way around the island which is absolutely wonderful.

Colton Truck

There are a handful of buildings on the island which on this particular day were open to the public for touring.

Choate House Tree

There are great paths, roads and beautiful views around every corner.

RoadSharpteamColton was good, making sure we stopped to rest and stay hydrated.

Skip & ColeThere was a great barn on the island too. We are not sure where the connection has been made, but anytime Colton is inside of a barn, he asks us, “MamaPapa, can I dance?” Who could say no to to that? So we all danced inside of the barn together.

Liza & ColtonOur time on the island was wonderful. A treat to spend time with family, to find a hidden treasure in our backyard and to dance in a barn by the sea.

Colton Mimi Skip





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