31 Days {Day 16} : A Giving Adventure

When Colton awoke from his nap, we had a couple of unplanned hours . . . in a month of adventures . . . so he and I headed off on a special kind of adventure, one where the adventure is in the giving.

As of late I have been very interested in Kindness Girl and her Gorilla Goodness.  She has a video there about “The Great Ding Dong Ditch,”  ringing someone’s doorbell and then leaving a little treat for them.

Cole is 2, so I don’t think he would quite understand the leave something and run format, but he can certainly learn about giving.  And that is what we did today.

Cole has been very interested in pumpkins.  We have not gotten a big pumpkin for him yet, and he is anticipating that day with great joy.  So we decided that it would be good to give pumpkins to some our favorite friends.

Cole picked some out.

Cole insisted on carrying the basket himself . . .

And he picked out some cards . . .

Cole liked playing with the pumpkins, and saying who each one was for . . .

We put the pumpkins in little gift bags and delivered them to our friends.  First stop,  delivering four pumpkins to four siblings.  Cole is entirely in awe of this “big boy.”

He was thrilled to give a present.

Then we went to the home of two of Cole’s favorite people: Joyce and Brian.  They were not home.  Cole loved leaving a little pumpkin present at the door.



Updating as we go . . .


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