31 Days {Day 17} : Shaking it Up

I saw the sign on the side of the road decades ago.  It has stood there noting that there is a Historic Site off the highway in New Hampshire.

I drove the Shaker Village itself years ago thinking it would be nice to visit.

So this year we decided for our 31 Days of Intentional Adventures and because it felt like a nice fall activity we were going to get back up to New Hampshire and check it out in person.

*As a side note . . . I have not always found historic signs to be indicators of interesting adventures.  We tried following historic signs to “historic downtowns” in Texas . . . we rarely found anything all that historic.

Canterbury Shaker Village was historic, interesting and beautiful.  They seemed a little wary of our two year old, and they did not want us to take indoor pictures  . . . but the Sharpteam is pretty good at listening to rules, some of us are better at that than others, and we all had a great time.

The Shakers are a religious sect that was formed int he 1700’s.  They built and lived in a number of communities.  They believed in living in community and living simply.  The Canterbury Village has 25 Shaker buildings and 4 reconstructed buildings.

They were fun to explore, and where we were invited, the Sharpteam interacted.

The Shakers earned their name.  They were a dissident group who were formed from other denominations like the Quakers and the Methodists.  They got their name because of how they liked to dance in worship.

Cole too, likes to dance.  Especially anytime he is in a barn.

One of the exhibits that I really enjoyed was Shaker Furniture:  In Its Place:  Designs for Spiritual Clarity.  The Shakers believed that a system or order would allow them to organize their daily lives and their communal living in a way that opened them up to the spiritual.  They use drawers and posts in simply well made furniture and cabinentry to bring balance and order in their lives.

The pictures above are from different places, as we were not allowed to take pictures indoors.

Being outdoors on this beautiful property in the rolling hills of New Hampshire on such a beautiful day was inspiring.  The Shakers are an interesting community in our history.



Updating as we go . . .


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