31 Days {Day 19} : Fire Safety Adventure

We didn’t know it was Fire Safety Awareness Month when we took Cole to the Fire Station Open House.  But within 24 hours his cousins both had pictures in fire gear on the web.  Cole is so lucky to have older cousins Oliver and David in his life, and how fun for him to know that in New Hampshire and Virginia they too are exploring fire safety.

The Patch website is a great place to find local events.  We had received a postcard in the mail letting us know that there was going to be an open house at the Fire Station, but it was the reminder in the Patch’s “5 Things You Need to Know Today” column that got us to head straight to the Fire Station before dinner.

It was a fun night.  There were free hats, erasers, and balloons.  Papa Ginos had free pizza and there were numerous activities.  The fire men were tremendous hosts.

This is during a fire extinguisher demonstration (right before Andrew swept Cole away from the smoke).

Our favorite activities were in this trailer.  They are not pretty pictures, but Cole very much enjoyed helping figure out what was wrong in the room (and he loved blowing out the candles).  I was impressed by how he learned to crawl if there was ever any smoke.  The fire man taught him to get down, and then later when the alarm went off and smoke came out, Cole dropped to the ground!

Cole had a great time with Papa and with Mama.  If you look closely he did not enjoy Sparky the Fire Dog as much.  But he did have a fun night where he learned about fire safety: a successful adventure!


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