31 Days {Day 21} : Flashback Friday – Lemons to Lemonade

We are big fans of Groupon. Sometimes, when a great deal shows up in our inbox, we go ahead and buy it not knowing when we will actually use it. One of my favorite Groupons was just this type of purchase. It was a full year after we had purchased our tickets that we ended up using them.

Making new plansIn my previous job I had very few holidays off that Liza had. We ended up with a Friday off together while Colton happened to be in day care. So we decided to head into Boston to check out the free ferry day and see the Boston Harbor Islands. We thought it was a great plan… and so did the thousands of other people who showed up ahead of us. And then signed up for ferry slots… ahead of us. So we were in Boston but without a chance of getting onto the ferry boats. What to do?

Liza thankfully remembered a Groupon we had purchased and so a quick check on the iPhone and a couple of phone calls later we were scheduled for one of my most favorite adventures with Liza… A high speed boat tour of the Boston Harbor and Islands.

We ended up on a boat with one other person who was in Boston on business. The boats were fantastic and VERY fast. We headed off and went hurtling across the water. We stopped at the different landmarks and islands in the harbor receiving color commentary from the very skilled guide of Flagship Adventures (which has since closed its doors unfortunately).

[flickr video=http://www.flickr.com/photos/sharpteam/4932454298]

We had a lot of fun and got great insight into the islands. We have since been back to the islands, although via the ferry. We look forward to further exploring these islands when the weather gets warm again.

We made it on the boat

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