31 Days {Day 22} : Kitchen Tour

This was our third Kitchen Tour sponsored by the Wenham Museum.  So we missed the first one, but we went on the second Kitchen Tour just before we bought our house and we went on the third Kitchen Tour with Colton last year.

This year our friends Joyce and Brian went on an adventure with Cole and we brought our friend, Ben on our tour.  Turned out they added rules to this years tour including no children under 8 and no interior pictures.

So we took pictures outside each house.  This was house number 1, and it actually was our favorite kitchen of the tour.

House Number 2 is on the market, so here are some pictures from the web . . .

House Number Three is the Claflin-Richards House at the Wenham Museum, we have not made it there yet in three years . . .

House Number 4 was my favorite house of the day.  I loved its incredible three season porch with a fireplace.  The downstairs seemed perfect for living and entertaining, but alas no interior pictures.

House #5 was a big house, it seemed to go on and on . .  .

It was recently on the market, so here are some pictures.  The pantry was the original kitchen and the kitchen is an addition.

House #6 is currently on the market, and it was a big house.  So fancy that it had a stone with a carving to warn you of the dog.  Ben was supposed to act scared by the sign, but he said that he “could not remember how to act scared.”

House #7 has been on the market in Manchester-by-the-Sea, but was recently bought and I cannot find any pictures online of it.  Here is a side view with the boys . . .

The final house, House #8, was a family vacation home, a remodeled ranch.  It has a spectacular view, but alas, we did not capture it . . . just us . . .

And that was our Kitchen Tour this year.  We love seeing how other people are living . . .thinking maybe we will check out some open houses just for fun.

Why not?  It’s an adventure!


Updating as we go . . .31-days-of-intentional-adventures

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One thought on “31 Days {Day 22} : Kitchen Tour

  1. You guys remind me of me in that you like to go look around to see what new things builders have come up with. I like the kitchen on house #2. House #6 ws ridiculous! By that I mean elaborate. Although #5 was a larhe house, I did not like the kitchen. I just don’t like dark wood tones in the kitchen right now. Right now I am totally into light colored cabinets.


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