31 Days {Day 28} : Flashback Friday

Some of my earliest memories are of painting on my parents porch and sculpting at the kitchen table. Art was one of my favorite subjects in school and has always been part of who I am. I love things that engage the creative. I also very much enjoy sports. When I first met Liza, the sports part of my personality was definitely more obvious and I think it was a bit of a surprise when she learned that I had an appreciation for the arts.

Thankfully, during some of our early conversations various art topics came up and we quickly found a shared love for the creative. One of my favorite adventures with Liza has been checking out art galleries. We live in an area that has quite a few so it has been fun to go exploring on the weekends.

Art festival

One weekend we headed up to Bar Harbor Maine to celebrate our anniversary. On a drive around the island, we stumbled across an art festival and it ended up being the perfect little adventure in our day.

Andrew buying a Dale Hueppchen painting

We had the chance to meet and talk with one of the artists, Dale Hueppchen, and ended up purchasing 2 of his paintings over the course of the weekend. www.hueppchenfineart.com

Summer LivingSometimes adventures just happen to you, and when they do, I encourage you to embrace them. Think about bringing a piece of the adventure home be it artwork, a photo or even a rock as a reminder of those experiences.

Updating as we go . . .

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