31 Days {Day 29} : Marching Parade

Throughout the month of October, we have been intentional about Adventuring.  It is important to step out and experience and enjoy.  Once we step out we rarely know where the adventure will take us, and that is part of the joy.  May you enjoy the surprise.

We did not know what the “Pumpkin Fest” in our town would entail, or how much of it we would get to experience, but we decided we would take the cousins in the Costume Parade.

As we lined up they were photographed by a local website . . .

They were given bags and we headed off marching down the street . . . not knowing what the parade held . . .

It turned out it was a trick-or-treating parade to the various village stores.  A pretty tremendous experience for this little zebra . . .

Cole doesn’t know what candy is, but he liked holding it.

You never know what the journey will entail.  May we all hold on to what is sweet.


Updating as we go . . .

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