Little Thanksgiving Celebration

I recently saw a segment on a television news show that insisted you should spend as much time on your table as on the meal on Thanksgiving . . . what a lot of pressure!

The above table is beautiful . . . it is from one of my favorite blogs, Oh Happy Day.

We have hosted Thanksgiving for the past couple of years, our table has never been so beautiful, we have put it together the day of (no shopping allowed).

Here is our table last year . . . name tags using scrapbook paper and votive candles . . .

We searched the web for a couple of activities to keep the family interacting . . .

We settled on Martha Stewart’s Pilgrim Hats . . .

We did a little reading about the first Thanksgiving found, followed by a little quiz

During our meal, we each lit our votive and spoke about what we are grateful for.

And for the second year we each tried to do a “turkey call” . . . a new tradition for us that one and all can participate in, including our little guy and Wasley whose first language is Portugese.

And after our big meal we did a little dramatic reading that brought laughter from all, especially our one year old little guy . . .

We cannot find the original online, but here is a link to a blog who posted about it (we will keep looking).

I thought this would be a lovely way to celebrate Thanksgiving, creating a chain of gratitude.

May you find joyful ways to celebrate gratitude this year.


One thought on “Little Thanksgiving Celebration

  1. liza! ross and i are sharing this first married thanksgiving alone together in charlottesville – it will be a much needed break during what has been a difficult season. AND we have already planned to make a gratitude chain!! we’re going to use strips of kraft paper – then we’ll hang it up along with our christmas decor. love it! and you!!


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