Adventures in Holiday Cards

One of my favorite ways of preparing for Christmas was always making my own Christmas cards.  I would head to the stamp store (that no longer exists) and spend hours putting together cards and hand writing greetings.

The truth is that I realized that my favorite cards to receive were actually the ones with pictures on them . . . and not just a picture of a baby, though my friends babies were adorable.  I loved seeing a picture of the whole family, especially my friends . . .

So we began experimenting with online options . . . and we loved Tiny Prints.

Here is our Tiny Prints card from last year . . .

And here is what our card looked like . . .

We went to the beach early one morning, set up a tri-pod and this is what we got.

On the Tiny Prints site they literally have hundreds of cards, with an extensive selection.  You can click to see a quick view and to see the various colors and sizes the card is offered in.  You can also narrow your search.  It is an easy site to navigate and the options make your card customizable.

I love the favorites feature, where I currently have 35 cards saved as possibilities . . .

We are waiting on pictures we had taken of us . . . our little photo shoot was snowed out once and rained out a second time, so we are waiting to see if a professional shoot will work for us . . .

. . . or if we should head back out with our tripod this weekend.

Either way we are so looking forward to the ease with which we can get our cards made and mailed out with Tiny Prints (we can address them all on the site and they will send them out)!

One of my favorite part of the holidays is reconnecting with all kinds of friends.  So looking forward to the Christmas cards and connections ahead.  If you want to, head on over to Tiny Prints and your Christmas cards could be done today!




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