Christmas Mantel 2011

This year we are trying something new for Christmas . . . we are choosing a theme.  We are focusing in on one aspect of Christmas.  This year we chose “Joy to the World.”

This phrase will show up on our Christmas card, in our Christmas movie (just a little video for our family), on our Christmas fudge, we bought Christmas presents that have to do with this theme, and here it is showing up (in part) on our mantel.  Those letters were purchased from A.C. Moore, and Andrew added wood to the back of each to make them stand.

Our mantel began with the mercury glass.  We wanted to try our hand at creating mercury glass-like candle holders . . . when I say we, I mean Andrew. I am not the crafty one, Andrew was the one researching and spraying.  We found out after we started our project that the looking glass spray is not so easy to find in our parts, so we ordered it online, and Andrew read a number of tutorials and found this one on Take the Side Street most helpful.

We then decided we wanted to hang a large mirror.  We found this one at the Christmas Tree Shops.  It had been banged up (and was an interesting gold and brown finish).  We were able to get it for $15.  I then described to Andrew the look I was interested in and he worked it out using milk paint and a tutorial on a blog I follow, Miss Mustard Seed.  He was more interested in chalk paint, but again that was difficult to find where we are. He did a great job with it.

And then we went to find our greens.  I wanted a wreath that felt fresh.  I looked online and liked the look of boxwood.  So we found this boxwood wreath at Target.

And I wanted a clean look for the greens on the mantel as well.  We decided to go with cedar.

Our joyful mantel with her fresh greens . . . Joy to the World!

And joy to you this holiday season.  

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Little Ears . . . Lovely Excitement

I was rushing to get out the door.  I just needed a printed copy of my new schedule.  When I went to get it, it was not there.  My computer was not printing.  I opened it up, checked the settings and said, to myself, “What the heck?!”

A little voice behind me perked up, I didn’t even realize he was in the room . . .

With glee he exclaimed, “You found a heck, Mama!”