Annual Word

Since we were married Andrew and I sit down together in January to think through the year ahead, to pray through the themes we think might emerge and to encapsulate them in words.  We wrote a post about this ORIGIN OF WORDS.

We have not only loved the words and the ways they have shaped our days, but we have loved the sweet times spent together.

This annual word practice worked its way into our months and days, as each month we would review our words and come up with specific monthly goals.  It has been a beautiful journey of rhythm and togetherness.

We chose to change up our annual words last year.  We found that we were returning to the same themes and just finding different words.  So in 2011 we embrace three “pairs of words.”  You can read about our foundational words in last years post.

Here they are, our foundational words that we do revisit montly:

Adventure & Retreat, Balance & Rhythm, Foundations & Renovations

Last year we picked three additional word phrases.  This year we have been inspired to choose one word.  A word for the year . . .

It is a word that does not require work, but requires intention.

It is a word that cannot be forced, but can be felt.

It is a word that has happened before, but is needed again.

The Sharpteam’s word of 2012 is   . . .



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