Monday Refreshment

There are so many reasons that we need refreshment.  Throughout 2012 we are going to be reflecting on this thought.

We are going to be intentional about refreshment.  We are going to be mindful of finding ways to be refreshed.

We like to write about things that we are good at (we are great adventurers).

We so enjoy writing about kiddos that we love (Cole) and our foster kids.

We love getting organized and sharing our day to day lives with you . . .

But we are knowing that we are not as good at Refreshment.  We need to learn to rest to restore, to celebrate times of when the night of affliction refreshes our days.

It feels like there are deep lessons.

And in all honesty, I am not sure if I am up for the transparency that 2012 may bring  . . .  but with timid first steps we are stepping out and sharing with you the little, tiny ways I have been refreshed this week.

Knowing that these are little ways of finding refreshment, but something about finding refreshment in the little things seems to resonate.

Challenging you to not only experience refreshment in your lives, but asking you to mentor us, guide us into a year of refreshment.


2 thoughts on “Monday Refreshment

  1. Thanks for reminding us that we all need to be intentional about being refreshed physically, emotionally and spiritually. So appreciating who you are and the intentional way the Sharpteam walks through life.


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