Adventures in Decorating: Valentine’s Mantel

There was a day when I had never decorated my mantel.  And a day when I said that I would never decorate for something as silly as Valentine’s Day (oh that day was literally a week or so ago).  But here I am, and I am enjoying the little changes in our decor.

When we found that we had three or four different hostings happening at our house last week, I took a half hour in the afternoon and gathered what I could find for a quick spruce up of the mantel.

Those books are from our Fall Mantel and the Filigree books are my grandparents that I used in our Winter Mantel 2011.  The hour glass is a reminder to treasure the hours (“the days are long but the years are short”).

I thought I downloaded the printable of 1 Corinthians from here (lots of Valentine’s Day Printables).  However a reader let me know it was not available there and found a link to this image in red at The Girl Creative.

I did buy the hydrangeas and the “Inspire” box.  I used these little boxes as place settings on a Valentine’s Table (purchased at Michaels).

The tea cup was a gift from a friend.  The “S” & “T” stands for “Sharpteam.”  We purchased at Restoration Hardware and used on our Winter Mantel.

The candy was purchased and the mercury glass caraffe was from Home Goods last year.

Behind the “ST” is a cup of spoons, family silver spoons, that we used for a game of spoons the other night, good fun.

In the center is a box that I love and the mirror that Andrew made for our Christmas mantel.

That crazy sequined heart was on sale at Michael’s there was one I wanted to make . . . but did not have time . . .

So there is our quick and easy Valentine’s Mantel.

Happy Valentine’s Day and Adventures in Decorating.

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