Adventures in Fruits and Vegetables

One of my favorite things to do as a kid, was go on what we called “chicken runs” with my mom. In the little town where I grew up there used to be a local co-op that offered all sorts of organic foods. My mom, as a participant in the co-op, would give some of her time to the store helping with various jobs.

Now the store itself was not all that fun as a kid, and it seemed that this co-op had substitutes for all the things I really wanted. I remember when fruit roll-ups hit big in school. When I asked my mom if we could get some, she produced fruit leathers, the “healthier” alternative.

Being a parent now, (and having eaten my fair share of fruit roll-ups) I better understand those choices my parents made. And this leads me to our adventures in fruits and vegetables. The idea is that each week we would buy a new fruit or vegetable to try. The hope is that it exposes Colton (and us) to new foods and that we learn and grow in our understanding of the options available to us.

Fresh fruits

In all honesty, I had planned to start this series at the beginning of the year and provide 52 weeks of fruits and vegetables. Well, sometimes life happens and it did not quite work out as I had hoped, but it is never too late to start. So keep on the lookout for a new post each week on our adventure with new fruits and vegetables!

(Oh, and the “chicken runs” mentioned above were when we would head to a local farm that raised organic chickens. We would pick up crates of frozen chicken to be delivered to the store. My favorite part of this was getting to explore the farm, in particular the peacocks that were always walking around strutting proudly and scared the heck out of me!)


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Fruits and Vegetables

  1. The best part of the chicken runs (in my humble opinion) was the trip to get soft serve ice cream at Dairy Joy afterwards!! So many fun and crazy memories!


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