Adventures in Fruits & Vegetables: Carambola

Welcome to the first in our series on fruits and vegetables. We decided to focus each week on a new fruit or vegetable to introduce Cole, our 2 year old, to fresh new foods and to stretch our own pallets.

First up is the Carambola fruit, or the name with which I was much more familiar, starfruit. An exotic looking fruit, I was able to easily find this at the Stop & Shop near us.

As a kid I remember getting to snack on starfruit on special occasions. It has a wonderfully light, citrus taste to it. The fruit is ripe when it looks like the above picture; mostly yellow with a hint of green and some accents of brown. It can be sliced up and eaten whole, skin and all. You may find a small seed similar to that found in an orange which is easily removed.

Star Fruit Cut Up

It’s a fun shape, it has a light flavor for sensitive pallets and is just the right amount of juicy. So the verdict on is it kid friendly?

Colton Eating Star Fruit

Colton ate up all the starfruit and wanted more. I think we have a hit! We enjoyed it too. It was a nice compliment to breakfast, not overpowering and can add a very easy dash of panache to any plate.

How about you, have you tried this fun fruit or have your kids discovered this little gem?


One thought on “Adventures in Fruits & Vegetables: Carambola

  1. thanks for sharing this. I have always looked at starfruit in the stores and not had any idea what to do with them. Now I know and I am going to try it.


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