Toddler Tuesday: Toddler Tea

Colton was invited to a tea party.

I know that may sound strange, my father was particularly dubious of such a venture.  But my dear friend Lisa Steigerwalt is a thoughtful and intentional soul.  And when I recounted to her that he was sad to hear there was a children’s tea party (for older children at our local museum), she took the opportunity to put together a tiny tea for him and her niece.

Lisa is detail oriented, and while everything was absolutely perfect, she was completely relaxed and ready for my two year old’s experimentation.  We arrived early, she had a toy tea set ready for him to play with.

Kathryn arrived and tea was underway . . .

Cole was absolutely fascinated with the ritual of making tea . . .

Lisa made it a creative and hands on experience with chocolate and a craft!

And while I did not take any pictures there was a little tea table all set for these toddlers’ mamas and we got to chat and eat delicious scones.  It was an absolute joyous time.

And I love that my little rough and tumble guy equally experienced and enjoyed a bit of etiquette.

There are so many lessons that I have to learn and I long for him to learn.

Little intentional adventures . . . with open hands . . .


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