Intentional Summer Adventures

I remember summer days in Vermont that lasted endlessly.  I climbed and swam and played and allowed the sun to become my friend while I waited for the beginning of September and all the people I would get to see and interact with.

It was a time of waiting and anticipating and being.

Somehow in the transition to being a grown-up, Summer has transformed.  The days do not languish, they speed.  The moments outside feel like gifts and like I should somehow capture them and hold them . . . but they are fleeting.

Two summers ago we tried to literally capture moments, we slowed July down by each taking a picture a day and finding the little joys in the days of summer.

July 2010 – Picture a Day Project

It worked, the intentionality of stopping and focusing in allowed me to feel as if I experienced summer in a slower, more intentional way.

Another time Andrew and I felt as if we caught summer days and slowed time a bit was when we agreed that during our lunch hours we would bring a lunch and go on a Lighthouse Lunch.  We took our full hour and headed to a local lighthouse for a picnic lunch.  A perfect way to capture summer.

Summer 2009 – Lighthouse Lunches

Last summer was both a challenge and a great joy to me.  I am the kind of mother that loves getting to be with her little guy and loves working.  I work with teens and I have continued to do so since Colton came to us.  In the summer time, he and I have three full days a week together.  And last year I knew I wanted to make sure we held on to those moments.  So we dove in with both feet and decided instead of a bucket list, that we would choose theme weeks . . . ideas to explore with a two year old, and we spent each week of summer adventuring, taking pictures and blogging.

Summer 2011 – 10 Weeks of Summer

This was a lovely way to do summer last year.  We had some weekly events, like The Music Man and a Summer Reading Group that brought consistency, and then each week we would choose a theme and try and get three activities and blogs in.

Summer still flies by, but it is full of moments.

I once heard someone say that we live each event in our lives three times:

      1. In its anticipation.
      2. In the experience.
      3. In our reflection on it.

That is why this summer we are once again going to choose theme weeks.  We are going to anticipate, adventure, and reflect.

We would love to do this in community, so if you live near me – holler, and Cole and I will adventure with you.

And if you are in our blog community . . . comment and link so that we can follow your adventures this summer.


2 thoughts on “Intentional Summer Adventures

  1. I live in Hamilton and have a son who would love theme weeks! Plus I’d love more information about foster parenting.


  2. Thank you for linking to the Summer Point of View Link Party. I love the idea of slowing Summer down a bit and trying to take it all in. The theme week idea is my favorite. I’m featuring you ideas today. Thanks for sharing!


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