Summer Mantel 2012

We love living by the ocean.  We have had this painting hanging in our bedroom and decided to use it as the inspiration for our summer mantel.  We wanted to take the colors of the sand, sea, and sky and bring them to our mantel.

And we wanted to incorporate textures and varying heights.

The picture in the frame is our little sailor, and I loved the canvas matting.  The glass buoy is from Pottery Barn.  It is particularly meaningful to me that a buoy sits beside our little boy.  Cole is an adopted little guy, we walked with his birth mother until all the doors shut. And when the doors shut, I went to the ocean, and it was there I heard the quiet whisper of assurance in my soul, as I watched the buoys.

The textures we wanted to incorporate were rope, glass, wood, and sand.

This mantel came together slowly, each piece going up, some coming back down.

Now combined with the spruced up shelves in the living room, we are feeling and joyfully anticipating summer and all of our summer adventures.

May your adventures be filled with sun, sand, and sky.

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7 thoughts on “Summer Mantel 2012

  1. This is beautiful! Love all the natural textures and colors! And you almost had me crying about the buoy and your little boy part!!! Haven’t read your story yet, but enjoy this summer with your little man!!!!


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