Birthday Celebrations: The Movie

We have mix cds in our car.  Cole can tell you that he likes CD #2 songs 12-14

Those are his favorites.  And he sings to all of them.  So when we decided to have an Airplane theme party, we decided to make an airplane movie (this is not unusual for us, we do it at Christmas and for Cole’s birthday in the past).

We sent emails to our friends and family (they are the most amazing people in the world). I rewrote the lyrics, we had take-out pizza one night, and here is the Airplane movie we came up with.

[vimeo 44603887]

Birthday Celebrations: Things We Made

Let me be honest.  I like the theme party.  This is not a new thing . . .

Last year when we went with the Nautical Theme for Cole’s second birthday, I found it made it both easier and more fun to plan . . .

So this year we chose “Airplanes” and dove in.  You can read about the things we did with toddlers.    Just like last year we bought some things and made some things.  And the requirement was that it be an enjoyable process for our little family – if not, not worth it.  You can see more pictures of the party decor as well.

The first thing we bought was an airplane.  We live near a very sweet antiquing town, so we went looking for an antique plane for inspiration.  We found this and we were on our way.

1.  Airplane – bought

2.  Airplanes – bought

We had one plane bought and then it was time to find a few other planes . . . and that, is not as easy as it sounds.  So I looked online for an Airplane Museum.  I found one a ways a way and though it did not look promising, we stopped there on a trip to Vermont and found planes galore.

Then we started making the decor

1.  Puffy Clouds – made

I was ready to cut clouds out of paper but I found a link to making clouds out of batten, and it was easy.

We simply broke off pieces of cotton, pulled and separated them.  Then we made a little corkscrew of wire, twisted it in, and hung it up with fishing wire.  We wound up making three of these, all of which could be seen from the front door when you walked in.

2.  Table Clouds – made

I also read that you can make clouds out of ivory soap.  It was tremendously easy, and was easily the decoration we were asked most about.

Take ivory soap, put a bar of it on the bottom of the microwave (no rotating unit) and watch it puff for 1 – 3 minutes.  It was really fun.

3.  Runway Runner – Made

Our little man and his friends were going to eat under this little canopy, but it was a rainy day, so they ate here instead . . .

We used a drop cloth for the table cloth, and then added a black out curtain (folded).  Andrew added the white duct tape, and I added the planes . . . a runway runner.

4. Video – made

The other “big” thing that we made was the “in-flight entertainment”  A Sharpteam Production.  Stayed tuned . . . it gets its own post . . .

Birthday Celebrations: Things We Did

We showed you a peek of our decorations for our Airplane Birthday party for three year old Cole . . . here is what we did for our toddler party.

We sent out invitations two weeks in advance:

We invited four toddlers as Colton is turning three, and anyone in their families were also invited.

My friend Lisa welcomed them.  We had planned on having the check in outside, but alas, it was a rainy day

Lisa welcomed each person, gave them a little nametag, and collected information from each family about their address and their lunch request,

before pointing them in the direction of our photobooth (Terminal C).

Andrew made the little airplane from a pin I pinned on pinterest, we had a place for all of this set outside, but moved it all inside when the rain was predicted.

We put out a little crate of pilot costume accessories, and people participated, including our little guy, what fun!

From the photo booth the kiddos headed outside to color their own plane . . .

And then we all gathered inside for “take off.”  I read a book and the kiddos then went off on a Scavenger Hunt.

Each child had to find four “pilot tools” to put in their “pilot bag”: a compass, a propeller, a parachuter, and a map.  Once they had all four items they each received their own pair of pilot aviator glasses and they posed for a picture together.

Because the sun had come out we headed back outside for some paper airplane making and flying before lunch . . .

We put a variety of food on compostable trays as our “plane food”

We watched an inflight video that we made, ate cloud cupcakes with airplane toppers,  and opened presents.

Colton gave each of his friends a little handmade suitcase as a gift, thanking them for coming to our party.

A lovely little airplane party – Happy Birthday Cole!

Now check out the things we made for the party.

Summer 2012 Week 1 {Birthday Week}: Birthday Morning Traditions

One reason we love the North Shore of Massachusetts is because there are dozens of sweet and sacred spaces to be enjoyed.  We can drive to a nearby town and feel like we are on a beach vacation.  One of those places is Manchester-by-the-Sea.

And one of my favorite places to eat is the Beach Street Cafe

I have been eating grilled blueberry muffins here since college.  I came here the morning of my wedding day, with my entire family. And last year we began the tradition of eating here the morning of Cole’s Birthday.

Cole has joined me in enjoying grilled blueberry muffins, and he received a little birthday present from us, a “little gorilla” as a memory of a recent trip to the zoo where Cole fell in love with a little gorilla . . . He loved it.

Then we headed up on a most beautiful day to the Singing Sands of Singing Beach . . . As Cole walked upon them he told us they were singing Happy Birthday to him.

It was a great morning of adventure.  Shells were found, the ocean was played in, discoveries were made.

And I love the moments of family that hold our adventures together . . .

The tradition of eating out on Cole’s birthday is wonderful.  We all just get out of the house and allow someone else to do the cooking and cleaning, so we can concentrate on playing and exploring.  We are home early, to start the day, so it can happen any day of the week.

It has put the emphasis in all the right spots.  And has been a tremendous week.

Summer 2012 Week 1 {Birthday Week}: Visit Halibut Point

Birthday week kicked off with a tradition, visiting Halibut Point.  A beautiful spot in the world, that has meaningful significance to us.

It was just Cole and me exploring and looking for our “bench.”  He is such an active, coordinated little guy now.

Our picture together is much more active than last year.

I love that we have summer traditions, spots that we return to to mark another memory, to reflect on Cole’s growth.

Here he is in two of our other traditions in Newburyport:

And on a pedestaland this year, such bravery . . .

So here he is growing up before our eyes.  His changes are so evident.  Everything is different.  He has stretched in his mind and in his little body, and I celebrate the markers.

And then I reflect.  We have walked three years together.  How have I changed.  And I know that those markings are so internal, I am too a different person, and much of me has been stretched.

And then Cole, reminds me that I have changed too . . .

“Mama, there is a scratch by your eye.”

And I smile bigger . . .

“That my love, is a wrinkle.”

And with each new summer, with the beginning of a new year . . . it is not only good to look ahead to adventures to come.  It is good to pause and recognize where we have come from and to live in the changes that are happening right now.

Happy Summer, may we embrace it.

Ten Weeks of Summer Begins

Happy Monday, and Happy Summer.

The Sharpteam is inconsistent at best with blogging, but when we see a good intentional purpose for sharing our adventures . . . we are all in.

So a couple of weeks ago, we wrote about our commitment to ten intentional weeks of summer . . .

I am writing today to let you know that we are kicking it off.  We jump into the ten weeks as summer officially begins (on June 21), and our first week of summer is our little guy, Cole’s birthday week (a June 22 baby).  So stay tuned for ways we were intentional in celebrating his third birthday.  And then we will be on to more intentions and adventures to share with you.

Here is how we are intentional.

First: We come up with a number of different themes that Cole would enjoy during the summer and that we would enjoy as a family embracing.

We have chosen a number of themes we think might be appropriate:

  1. Animal Adventures (Did not do)
  2. Art Adventures (Week 5)
  3. Birthday Adventures (Week 1)
  4. Nature Adventures
  5. Water Adventures (Week 4)
  6. Road Trip Adventures (Week 8)
  7. Science Adventures (Week 3)
  8. Olympic Adventures (Week 6)
  9. Transportation Adventures (Week 2)
  10. Open for inspiration
  11. WE DID HAVE Sensory Week (Week 7)
  12. WE DID HAVE Dating Adventures (Week 9)
  13. WE DID HAVE Embracing Summer (Week 10)
Next: Each weekend, we take time as a couple to think ahead to the following week and which week would fit best with our schedule.
Then: We think of different activities, outings, foods, and books that might be enjoyable for Cole during the week.
Then: We take the time in between regularly scheduled events to focus with Cole on our theme.
Finally: We are accountable to blog about it weekly.  Our goal is three entries per week ( but we do like to surpass goals).
So, let summer begin!